I sell a lot of houses, but each one was a home to someone, and is going to be a home to someone else. Over the past 30 years, there is always a home or two every year that has extra special meaning to me.

This year, I listed an older home in Ballwin.  Mom had moved into a retirement home, and Dad had passed away several years ago.  All 3 children met me at their parent's home to discuss how to go about the sale. The proceeds would continue to support Mom in her new home.  

Sometimes when I meet a family like this, they give new meaning to the FUN in "Dysfunctional".  This family is NOT that way at all. They were respectful of each other and it was very clear that they loved this little home on a pretty piece of land in the heart of Ballwin.  They love each other, and they love their mom. Their sole focus was to do right for their mother, but they hoped that a family would purchase the home and love it as much as they knew their mom and dad had.

The middle of this story is sort of sad, with a buyer who was mean and greedy and reminded me a lot of the Grinch.  But the END of the story...let's just say that a lot of god happened.

The Gary Sinise Foundation purchased the property and will be building a home for retired Ballwin Police Officer Michael Flamion and his wife Sarah.  It will be a smart home and will accommodate his needs as he navigates life from a wheelchair after being shot during what should have been a routine traffic stop.  The house is about 1 minute from the Ballwin Police Department, so that even though he had to retire from the force to receive the benefits he needs, he will continue to be a part of the Ballwin Police Department.  The officers of the Ballwin Police Department do not want to lose touch with Officer Flamion and they intend to stay involved in his life.

The Fischer family is thrilled.  They really wanted to participate in something that would benefit this officer. Sitting in my office as we worked through the details, one of them said,  "The honorable Fischer Family wants more than anything to convey this home to the honorable Flamion Family"

There were lots of big and little things that happened as all this played out.  Like the day one of the Fischers got a magazine with Gary Sinise on the cover.  That Jim Schubert is on the Sinise Foundation Board, is from St Louis, happened to be at a board meeting when Officer Flamion was shot, and had big a hand in putting this together.  That the Ballwin Police Department is pretty amazing. That the Fischers met their goals, to see this home go to the right family for the right reasons, and to take good care of their mom.  

I am so moved by the spirit of the Fischers, and by the commitment the department has to their fellow officer, that organizations like the Sinise Foundation make such a difference. God Bless the Fischers, the wonderful people at the Sinise Foundation, the Ballwin Police, and Officer Michael Flamion.  Each and every one.