The St Louis metro area is under a winter storm warning...all my teacher friends are clapping their hands, because the truth is, they like snow days more than their students! 

I don't know who invented "spring cleaning", but I think winter cleaning is a much better concept.  We'll all be stuck at home tomorrow, and it will be really cold outside.  If I can't get to the office, I'll be cleaning out closets and cabinets!  When spring gets here, I am too busy to clean!  The weather is beautiful, and if I am not selling a house, I'd just as soon be outside enjoying Greensfelder or Queeny Park,  instead of cleaning anything. 

So on snow days, turn up the iTunes and tackle one closet or one cabinet while something wonderful is at work in the crock pot.  Don't over commit!  Just do one little project, but do it extremely well!  At the end of the day, you'll have a great meal and  a sense of accomplishment.  In 60 days, get outside, hit the walking trails in Wildwood,  and have some fun while everyone else is "spring" cleaning!