When listing a house, I advise sellers to contact me if someone knocks on their door and wants to see the house.  I caution them that they should not let strangers in the house in this day and age.  But we live in the Midwest, where people are friendly and trustworthy.  Sellers humor me by pretending to follow my advice.

One of my dear sellers told me a nice lady from Kansas City wanted to see her home, and her husband obliged and showed her the house.

My dear seller was quick to point out that I shouldn't worry about her safety.  After all, the potential buyer was from Kansas City, a fine place full of fine people.

2 days later I received an email from the same dear seller.  It read:

"Hi Colleen,

We need a chain for the lockbox on the front porch.  The neighborhood kids were carrying it around last night and pretending it was buried treasure.  We found them, beat them severely and locked them in the basement.  Don't look behind the furnace if you come over.  They are next to the Kansas City lady that my husband let in the house."

I love my job!