The Irvine Team not only cares about our clients, we care about each other.  Earlier this spring we scheduled a team mammogram less than 45 minutes at St Lukes in Chesterfield, we were all done and on our way to happy hour at Duffy's.  As if that wasn't enough, we now have our own team for the Komen race in June, "Troop Ta-Ta".  We are inviting all our families, friends, co-workers and clients past and present,(and even future!) to walk with us in support of breast cancer research and support. 

Caroline is working on T-shirts, Kate is bravely going to the team captain meeting this weekend, and and we are looking forward to a great day.  Each of us has been touched by breast cancer - a family member, a friend, someone we have worked with. 

If you've never done this, don't let those photos of those huge crowds scare you off!  I've been walking for years, in memory of 4 wonderful women and in celebration of dozens more.  My memories of walks past include seeing a big family of at least 4 grown children, all pushing strollers, walking with their dad in memory of their mom...a young woman with a survivor shirt on pushing a stroller-the stroller proudly draped in banners celebrating "mommy"...thousands of volunteers passing out water, flowers, fresh fruit...

There is a point in the walk where you crest a hill.  In front of you everyone is lifting their cameras and cell phones over their heads.  They are capturing a literal sea of pink in front that goes on as far as the eye can see.  Sometimes it seems there is little inspiration left in the world.  If you are a little short on that, put on your walking shoes and join us.  I promise you'll get goose bumps, and a tear or two.  Seeing so many people stop what they do and and just walk for the sake of others they don't even know is!  When each of comes together for a common good, we are pretty amazing.