This week I attended a meeting at Wildwood City Hall about a community garden project that starts in the next month.  I could tell it was going to be an interesting evening because the fountain next to City Hall was brimming with bubbles...a sure sign that spring has arrived and that kids will be kids!

I felt like I was in an episode of "Parks and Recreation", but in a good way.  There were all types of people there, the casual gardener like me, the earth gods and goddesses, a yound lady who will be working on a girl scout badge, someone who wants to make sure that we can get what we grow but don't need to a food pantry.

I am just looking for a place that is safe from the herd of deer licking their chops at my back door, and a place that is "unplugged".  I'd like to get my hands a little dirty and try to figure out why I did not like working in my father's garden as a child at all, and look forward to it now. 

Our garden master, Cindy, asked everyone why they want to be involved in the garden.  The answers were as varied as the people.  I am excited and proud to have my own little 4 x 8 plot of dirt.  I am nervous too, because I have a feeling that there are some pretty awesome gardeners in this group!  My husband Jack thinks we should plant a crop of wheat and make some bread at the end of the day.  I have this awful picture in my head of nearby plots brimming with eggplant and tomatoes and exotic herbs, and my wheat just waving in the wind with a little garden gnome sitting in the corner.

We have a work day on April 30 to help make the raised beds, and then I guess we will be off and planting!

I'm really glad that Wildwood has taken on this project.  There is so much potential for teaching, for getting know our neighbors, for sharing.  If I can just get Jack to plant something besides wheat!