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What Not To Do When Showing Your House, part 2

by Colleen Lawler

My previous "what not to do" post was fun, but this one might be more helpful.  These are ideas that make showing your house a little easier and little less stressful

1.  Even if you haven't had a showing in a week, don't stop making the bed and having your house ready to show.  You and I both know that the day you are not ready for a showing is the day you will have one!

2.  Invest in these and keep them at the ready for emergency showings!

A.  Swiffer duster 

B. All surface wipes for faucets and windows and counter tops...

C.  Mr Clean Eraser Bars (I'll devote an entire post to this little miracle maker someday soon!)



D,  Barkeeper's Friend for shining that kitchen sink, cleaning smooth top cook tops without scratching



3.  Keep a spare, empty laundry basket handy so that if you are in the middle of a project, or your kids have toys sprayed from one end of the house to the other, you can toss everything into the basket and stow it in your car while you are making yourself scare for the showing.

4. Check the front porch area often and sweep, make sure the light is clean and there are no bugs or webs hanging out.

5.  Please remember to keep your toilet seat lids in the DOWN position 

6. Try a  couple of baskets or bins in the bathroom to stow toiletries, makeup, shampoos, etc., because as far as the buyer knows, no one every showers, baths, brushes their teeth, or blows their nose in your house!

7. Avoid air fresheners, but if you have to mask that fish you cooked last night, go with vanilla, or fresh linen, and don't over do it.  I have seen expectant mommy buyers literally turn green in a house with some innocent floral potpourri simmering in the kitchen.  Besides, a heavy dose of freshener makes the buyer instantly suspicious of what nasty, moldy dead thing you are trying to hide!

8.  Leaving a couple of bottled waters out when it's especially warm is not only kind, it gives the buyer and their agent a good feeling about you and your house.

9.  When you have a showing, please don't lurk down the's a little creepy, and you will make yourself crazy when people are there for 2 minutes or an hour as you try to guess if they love your house based on how long they stay.  (I think it's more an indication of how they shop than how much they like or dislike a house!)

10.  Laptops, iPads, and cell phones need to be put away along with their chargers for showings, so another bin, or go to space should be dedicated to that.  

If you have kids, you will want to GIVE your house to the next person who walks in the door after a week or two of showings...this too shall pass, so be easy and forgiving toward them and toward yourself, and maybe your spouse...if you feel like it :-)


How to Sell Your House with Pets

by Colleen Lawler

What Not To Do When You are Selling Your House

by Colleen Lawler

These really and truly happened:

1.  Porn streaming on the desktop computer 

2.  Naked seller asleep in a bean bag chair in the family room

3.  Divorce papers left out on the counter in the kitchen

4.  Seller rear ended a parked car in the neighborhood while house was being shown

5.  All of these happened on the same appointment.  

So, if your house is on the market and you have a surprise showing and you forgot to make your bed, it's ok.  Really.  Realtors have seen worse!

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3

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