What Is Making Home Seller’s SCREAM In Frustration?


What if, I could save you $40,000 on your next home?  Sounds good right?


But, what if, your current home would sell for $25,000 less than you expected.  Does this still sound good?


What would YOU say if on the same day you could gain $40,000 on your purchase, but lose $25,000 on the sale of your current house?   That is a $15,000 gain in one day.


To me this is an easy YES, but you would be shocked at how many people can not make it past this hurdle.


If we tell a home-owner, the house they love, where they have lived for years, has gone down in value, it can be emotionally crushing.   When they compare the loss in value on a home they LOVE, to a future discount on a home they don’t love yet … can just be EMOTIONALLY HOSTILE.


In a market like this where inventory is high and sellers are motivated, a buyer can achieve either:

  1. To simplify your budget by owning a lower priced home. Or,
  2. Own a home nicer than you ever thought possible because of the 3% interest rates.

But, neither will happen unless you can release the emotional shackles that tie you to current house.


The question is:  Can you do it?


Can you say goodbye to the current house and find a home that suits ALL of your needs?  Including the financial ones?