It seems to me that a lot of buyers are reluctant to commit.  Maybe they feel like using 1 agent is a little like getting married, and they aren't quite ready for that!!

Choosing a good agent to work with doesn't have to be rocket science, folks!  Look for someone that has experience, who knows the market, and by all means, be sure to work with someone that you are comfortable with, someone you feel you can trust!

Here are my top ten reasons for using a buyer agent:

1. It does not cost any more than NOT having a buyer agent.  The seller pays commissions.  So whoever you work with, you aren't writing them a check for their services!

2.  It saves time.  You can cruise through all the websites out there for properties that match your list of needs and desires.  A good buyer agent can pinpoint those homes and you can go back to looking at FB instead of real estate websites while you are at work.

3.  Unless you negotiate real estate for a living, you are not the best person to negotiate on the price and purchase terms of your biggest investment.  A great buyer agent will sniff out every angle to get you the best price and terms.  Notice I put those 2 words together...PRICE and TERMS.  There is more to a real estate contract than price.  In St. Louis, the standard contract is 8 pages of terms and conditions.  That includes legal stuff, and obligations on your part.  A good buyer agent will save you from yourself here!

4.  Buyer agents often know what's coming on the market before it's on the market.  That's because they know what I have coming soon, and they actually talk to other agents when they have a specific buyer need.  So, if you have a specific need, (and what buyer doesn't?!) a good buyer agent is out there looking for it while you are at work, doing what you do.

5.  Connections.  Life is all about connections.  In my world, it's about lenders, inspectors, contractors, movers, cleaners, painters, lawyers, title companies, appraisers, sewer, radon, and mold...eliminate the risks of hiring someone who may not be at the top of their game by letting a great buyer agent help you connect.

6.  Objectivity.  While you might want to focus on what color you want to paint the nursery, a great buyer agent will help you stay focused on other important location, value, structural issues, and whether or not that highway in the backyard will impact your resale!

7.  Resources...if you are moving from a different town or different state, even a different country, an agent will have solid resources to help you gather information that is important to you regarding schools, employment, neighborhoods, crime statistics, and much much more.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just know someone who already has that wheel in their toolbox.

8.  What's Next?  Once you are price and term agreed on your dream home, there's a little bit to do before all those inspections, the appraisal, the loan commitment, the walk through (what happens if the seller didn't fix what he said he would fix and closing is tomorrow??)  Getting from contract to close can be much more seamless, much less stressful when you have a pro on your side.  

9. You've closed, you've moved in, and life is good.  A great agent doesn't disappear.  If you are thinking about investing in some changes in your home, your agent can give you insight into where you will get the biggest bang for your buck... and probably have a list of contractors and vendors that can help you do it right, and do it at the right price.  

10.  A listing agent has a fiduciary duty to represent the seller.  They have to be honest with you, but there's nothing that says they have to be fair.  A buyer's agent has a fiduciary relationship with you.  Look up the's the "highest standard of care" and it's for your benefit!


Please understand that I understand where you are coming from.  I HATE car shopping, and car salespersons make me nervous and anxious and I 'm afraid that they will be really pushy and make me buy something I don't want to buy. 

That might be how you feel about real estate agents.  But a great car salesperson helps me choose the right car, makes sure I enjoy the experience, and wants me to be happy when it's all said and done, with the least amount of hassle and the most satisfaction.  A good real estate agent is like that too.  

So, do your homework and consider making a commitment to a great agent the next time you are in the market for a new home. A good agent will feel like an expert, and a trusted consultant.   Save more time, more money, and feel less stress.