I am thrilled to announce that Mark Scheller has joined our team as a buyer specialist.  Mark brings years of sales experience, an engineering backround, and a wonderful reputation as a real estate expert to our team.   

Our buyer specialists are able to devote 100% of their time to helping buyers in the St Louis market find the home that is right for them.  They have a wealth of experience and resources to save buyers time and money as they make one of the biggest investments of their lives.

Mark brings expertise in everything from foundation defects and repairs to raw land, and focuses on helping buyers assess the the quality of what they are buying and the quality of the investment they are making.  He has closed over 1,000 sales, and has earned the respect of his peers and his clients alike. 

Mark will be blogging about his impressions, thoughts and musings on the buyer side of the real estate world, and I think you'll enjoy his point of view!

I've covered the official announcement, now let me tell you a little about Mark...he's a huge overachiever with an amazing brain and a big heart.  He's married, and has 2 great kids.  He works hard and has his priorities right.  I think you are going to like him!