It gets hard to gauge where St Louis county rests in the real estate market since we aren't a part of the oft quoted "Case Schiller Index" monthly housing reports. 

The main reason St Louis does not show up in that report is because we aren't a city, but a collection of municipalities, so we hover under the radar!

Here are the statistics for April-June, 2012 in St Louis County, as reported by MARIS, our regional MLS service:

Key Metrics                   Q2-2012                          1 year change

Median Sales Price          $146,000                         + 2.5%

Average Sales Price         $204,416                          +0.7%

Closed Sales                        3,630                          + 12.2%

Months Supply                   7.0                                - 35.7%

Days on Market                  90                                  - 9 1%

Pct. of Orig. Price Rec'd.     91.9%                        + 3.0%

Homes for Sale                7,193                             - 24.1%

Every one of these stats is good.  Prices are up, sales are up, inventory is down.

  With a little luck, these trends will continue through the elections and into the New Year.  We still have a way to go, and there are a few "headline clouds" on the horizon, like "fiscal tax cliff", "unemployment", and "consumer confidence". 

In the meantime, interest rates are crazy low.  If you are thinking about making a move, this might be a "coulda-shoulda-woulda" moment you will look back on with regret if you decide to stay put.  Absolutely never ever over-extend yourself financially.  Look for good advise from good, experienced professionals that have your best interest at heart